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The Happiness Trap The Happiness Trap The Happiness Trap
Dr Russ Harris - Acceptance & Commitment Therapy




The Happiness Trap is a unique and empowering self-help book - half a million copies sold, and translated into 30 languages. The title reflects a key theme in the book: popular ideas about happiness are misleading or inaccurate, and will make you miserable in the long term, if you base your life on them. (To download the first chapter of The Happiness Trap, at no cost, click here.) 

The Happiness Trap is based on the principles of ACT, a revolutionary new mindfulness-based model, developed from cutting-edge research in behavioural psychology. The aim of ACT is to maximise human potential for a rich and meaningful life, and a wealth of published scientific studies prove its effectiveness. So if you want to escape “the happiness trap” and find meaning and fulfillment in life, this book is for you.  

Russ has ceased running his public workshops, but is currently creating an online course in the Happiness Trap - expected to be available in late 2016. If you'd like us to inform you when it's ready to launch, please email:

On this website you’ll also find a variety of free resources to use not only with The Happiness Trap but also with Russ's other self-help books: The Confidence Gap, The Reality Slap, The Happiness Trap Pocketbook, ACT With Love, and The Weight Escape. And if you wish, you can also buy books, MP3s and CDs. Plus there’s also a section for therapists and coaches, which provides support materials for use with your clients.