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There are a wealth of free resources on this website, for therapists and coaches to use in conjunction with The Happiness Trap. You can find these on the free resources page.
For details of ACT Workshops in Australia visit our sister website:  

Down below, you'll find a variety of interesting articles and papers relating to ACT.
Please note: all therapists, coaches, and other health professionals are welcome to join the worldwide ACT emailing list. This email 'chat group' enables an online  ACT community where professionals from all over the world can get advice, discuss concepts, contribute ideas, provide peer supervision, give input into challenging cases, inform about ACT events worldwide, etc. To join, you need to first join the ACBS - Association for Contextual Behavioural Psychology. This organisation is the 'mothership' of ACT and RFT. Membership is via values-based dues - ie you pay whatever you think it's worth. Membership entitles you to a vast array of free resources. For more info, or to join, go to:


Simple Overview of ACT: To download a simple, non-technical, easy-to-read overview of ACT ( called 'Embracing Your Demons',  an article from Psychotherapy Australia magazine) click here. 

Mindfulness Training: To download a paper by Ruth Baer on Mindfulness Training As A Clinical intervention, click here

CBT VERSUS BEHAVIOURAL ACTIVATION: COMPONENT ANALYSIS: To download Neil Jacobson's well-designed component analysis of CBT, which shows that the cognitive restructuring component is unneccessary: click here

REPLICATION OF CBT COMPONENT ANALYSIS: This is a replication of Jacobson's component analysis above. To download, click here

DO WE NEED TO CHALLENGE THOUGHTS IN CBT? The title is self-explanatory. To download, click here

Experiential Avoidance: For a paper by Steve Hayes (warning: heavy with technical jargon!) which reviews Experiential Avoidance, the core pathological process in ACT, click here

ACT & Psychosis: For Bach and Hayes' remarkable paper on ACT with chronic psychosis, click here

ACT & Chronic Pain & Chronic Stress: A paper by Dahl & Wilson - click here

ACT & Substance Abuse:  A paper by Kelly Wilson et al - click here

Values-centred Interventions In ACT: Superb article by Kelly Wilson - click here

Defining Mindfulness: An interesting article on mindfulness by Steve Hayes - click here

The ACT Packet: "The ACT Packet" is a detailed handout including a list of published studies, a case formulation framework, and summaries of the core act processes and techniques, click here

ACT Hexaflex: A simple slideshow of the ACT model (known as the "ACT hexaflex"), click here

Useful Resources for RFT

RFT Made Simple: To connect to Eric Fox's easy-to-understand (and totally free) online tutorial on Relational Frame Theory - a sort of "RFT for Dummies",  click here

Introducing RFT: To download a simple introduction to Relational Frame Theory, click here

More Introducing RFT: For a more detailed introduction to Relational Frame Theory, click here

ACT, RFT & Mindfulness: For a fascinating paper by Steve Hayes (warning: heavy on technical jargon) that theoretically ties together ACT, RFT and mindfulness, click here

Links to ACT and RFT Websites

ACT: To visit the official website for Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, click here

RFT: To visit the official website for Relational Frame Theory: click here