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Here are some testimonials from attendees of the Happiness Trap workshops:

I would recommend The Happiness Trap workshop for every single person who has ever wanted to improve their quality of life. It is a great first step towards greater self awareness and action accountability.
Levi Walz, CEO Obesity Prevention Australia, QLD

Two challenging days, filled with humour, knowledge and, most importantly, skills I could use.
Marilla, Melbourne, University Student

Really enjoyed the workshop. Very broad, and I got plenty out of it even though I had read the book.
Mark, 26, Psychologist

Lots of helpful skills to move me forward in my day to day life.
Darryl Blacker, Motor Mechanic, Gympie

Excellent workshop – a great presenter, great value and really useful content.
Niki Vincent, Chief Executive Officer, Adelaide

A great journey to a positive mind. A workshop which was full of humour, compassion and immense practicality.
Simon, Secondary Principal, Melbourne

The workshop is an excellent introduction to ACT. It is entertaining, easy to follow, has opportunities for putting the theories into practice and is a great way to spend the weekend.
Lieszel, PhD Student, Brisbane

I came to this workshop ‘kicking and screaming’ at the request of my wife. This has been a revelation – I ‘get it’ now. This will transform our relationship. Thank you.
Jason, Warrnambool

The workshop exceeded my expectations. Easy-to-understand language; freedom to express yourself and share experiences in a safe environment. The techniques and exercises were of great benefit and could be applied easily. Thanks!
Secretary, Hobart

Reading Russ’s books, followed by the practical experience of the workshop, helped me identify what is really important to me and overcome my depression.
Hilda Rhodes, Retiree, Maffra VIC

I found the workshop interesting, informative and entertaining. It really helped me to consolidate my understanding of the book.
Hannah Quirk, Occupational Therapist, Hobart

These workshops were excellent. They were down to earth and practical and I came away with a sense of clarity about my values and what I wanted to do to, in order to live by them.
Teacher, Brisbane

Opens doors for me to be inspired, and to live a more vital life, professionally and personally.
Dr Melissa Taitimi

Brilliant – directs the brain, touches your real soul, and provides the opportunity to connect with your inner self.
Chris Edwards, Cairns

A realistic, pragmatic model for a richer, more meaningful life - presented in a humorous and practical way.
Catherine, Patternmaker, Melbourne

The workshop is excellent: a great way to learn to handle thoughts, emotions and sensations in support of the life you want to lead.
Evaluator, Melbourne

The workshop offered many wonderful and grounding exercises and ideas to put into practise in daily life. Russ’s approach is genuine and gentle but strong and effective.
Freelance Designer, Melbourne

Russ Harris’s book was different to any other book on self improvement and the quest for happiness than I have ever read. His workshop was informative, provocative, emotive and convincing ... I have seen the light ... the way to become happier!
Lesley B, Teacher, Gympie

Fantastic for personal and professional growth.
Ruth Baills, Mental Health Nurse

Both the book “The Happiness Trap” and the workshop by Dr Russ Harris were life changing, life affirming and so simple – should be compulsory! Having struggled with depression and anxiety since childhood and reading every self-help book on this subject, I can clear my shelves and put The Happiness Trap in their place. Dr Russ, I can’t speak for others who attended the workshop but you have changed my life, which in turn will change my husband’s, my daughters’, my colleagues’, my students’ = dominoes = 100!

Calming, yet inspirational.
Anita Regan, Office Manager – Legal

This course has enabled me to recognise myself as a valuable human being and empowered me to improve my life realistically.
Michelle Feather, Home school parent, Gympie

Everyone needs the life skills taught in this workshop.

The workshop is a template to work from, understanding the real meaning of happiness through action.
P.H., Self-employed

I have found this workshop very inspiring and am sure that it will make a big difference to my life, particularly in intimate relationships.
Housewife, mother of 3, grandmother of 8 and great-grandmother of 3 – Brisbane

Workshop gave me permission to dare dream an alternative - and permission to fail, and try, try again ... and the understanding that success is adhering to one’s values.
Sally, Business Analyst, Brisbane

Shines a light on things you never knew about yourself ... struggling with your emotions will be a thing of the past.
Elizabeth Podboy, Psychology & HR Student, Melbourne

I highly recommend the ‘Happiness Trap’ workshop for increased health, wellbeing and vitality. I am thankful for the strategies to manage my anxiety - and also for the skills and knowledge to help me live a better life.
May Lynn, Massage Therapist, Victoria

The Happiness Trap is a fantastic workshop. An excellent and inspiring speaker, and the approach makes a lot of sense.
Teacher, Melbourne

It was one of the most meaningful seminars I have ever attended, presented with compassion, humour and true human insight.

A practical workshop to get in touch with the hidden power within all of us, and to find the peace of living in the present moment.
Microbiologist, Melbourne

Thank you for the opportunity to think about the whole of my emotional experience without judgement , and for re-awakening my enthusiasm for the whole messy, noisy adventure of life.
Cathryn, Solicitor, Melbourne

The workshop helped me enormously by putting things into perspective and helping me to get on with life.
Sandra Light, Environment Officer, Bright (NE Victoria, Alpine Shire)

Very practical, genuine, entertaining and worthwhile. Great mix of activities and theory.

The book was an amazing help in my life and the workshop helped me reinforce a lot of what I had learnt.
Anonymous, Melbourne

Finally, a course with real practical help for dealing with that negative voice!
Susan Pettit, Home Duties, Melbourne

Inspires me to live a value filled life and take actions to follow my heart.
Anonymous, Melbourne

Sometimes, reading a book, it is easy to skip pages or chapters if you don’t quite ‘get it’. This workshop brings mindful strategies to the front and gives you the encouragement to try again.
Chris, Public Servant, Albury

“Absolutely brilliant. This course opens a whole new way of looking at the world and of how to make our way through life”.

“This workshop has provided me with direction, recognition and tools to create a richer and more meaningful life. One of the most important and useful things I learnt, is that once we define our values, choose and live by our values, we can then achieve our goals. This will be my journey and I look forward to making it an adventure!”.
Business Owner – Melbourne.

“Empowering and insightful, this workshop provided me with tools to work through every day’s thoughts, feelings and emotions. It also allows access to daily events with faith and confidence”.
Alex Cohn, Architect- Brisbane.

“I gained a greater understanding of mindfulness and the ACT approach, in a way that was fun and entertaining. A really enjoyable weekend”.
Helen Eddy, Project Officer- Adelaide

“Other self-help courses don’t take account of life’s realities and what it means to be human. The Happiness Trap workshop provided a tool to deal with day –to- day life; good and bad”.
Tim, Public Servant- Melbourne

“The Happiness Trap book and new workshop have been two of the biggest catalysts for growth in my life. I am eternally grateful for the skills I have learnt to create the life I want”.
Daniel Kirk, Strength and Conditioning coach- Adelaide

“The Happiness’ Trap workshop was an eye opening weekend. It showed the possibility of leading a fulfilled life, even with the presence of painful and hurtful emotions. It’s given me the tools to deal with these emotions and the belief that it is possible. Russ was an entertaining, engaging and knowledgeable presenter”.
Beechara Palmer, Professional Athlete – Adelaide

“Dr. Russ helps you to understand behavioural, cognitive processes that “trip you up” constantly in life and frustrate the hell out of you! I better understand what I can DO, THINK and ACTION to better manage and align my life with my values and be a healthy contributor to MY life and OTHERS”.

“I found out that the thoughts and fears I have are normal and not unique. I have the courage to make big changes in my life with the tools I have learnt”. Anonymous

“I found the workshop incredibly insightful and inspiring, and also a great challenge”.
Amanda, Student – Melbourne

“After reading all the self help books and practicing mind control, visualisations and affirmation techniques- all unsuccessfully, I can understand why they were not working. I am working from here with a new program. Thanks”.

“Well done Russ, now it’s up to me”  
Steve G, Business Owner – Kalgoorlie

“Great workshop. Empowering and inspirational. I feel I have the tools to use to help me make changes in my life. Thankyou”.
Mary, Nurse – Melbourne

“Russ is one of us, he shares his feelings and the bad. He never comes across as ‘the guru’ ”.
C. Correll, Mum – SA

“If we have a review in ten years I suppose I’ll be trying to get my goals achieved the day before. Thanks”.
Pauline Bennetts

“The only self-help programme which works and is 100% natural”
Baqar Ali Syed, Engineer – Melbourne

“I spent a very long time living with a constant feeling of being stuck in my life. I was constantly upset about the past and worried non-stop about the future. ACT was literally a light bulb for me and I am now able to at least try and engage fully with others. I feel like, after 26 years, I am actually living my life”.
Amy, Project Manager – Melbourne

“I would recommend this workshop to anyone struggling with anxiety, depression and many other mental health disorders. ACT really helps you to define what it is you really want in your life and strategies to work towards a meaningful life. Thanks Russ and team!”.
Tracey, Registered Nurse/Researcher – Melbourne